Educational Apps to Explore the World

At Making Sense we create educational games to help kids discover things for themselves. We believe the learning process should be an active one engaging children to learn through play and experimentation. Children want to explore the world around them and find their own answers to all those questions they’re constantly asking.

Inspired by children

As parents ourselves we’ve spent a lot of time helping our children find answers to their questions. In fact it was questions like what do we do with the air we breathe? How do we make pee? And what happens to the food we eat? that inspired us to build our first app. We belive that when it comes to helping children learn, their natural curiosity is a great place to start.


Educational Apps can be different

While reading books and watching videos are all great ways to learn, we believe an app can add an extra dimension. Our first game on the human body is an interactive learning experience that plunges you into the world inside the body. It engages children through the play element as well as tapping into their natural curiosity about how things work. It enables them to be scientists, to explore this new world and figure out how it works. Most of all it empowers kids to make their own discoveries, have their own eureka moments and this in turn promotes a deeper learning experience.

Made with care

We spend hours researching the science of our educational apps. We work with highly talented artists to create detailed, accurate and beautiful images that kids and adults will love. We also work with musicians and video specialists to enhance the experience.

We work hard to provide a rich learning experience for both children and the adults accompanying them. We see our apps as one link in the chain of learning children build for themselves in their quest for knowledge.