Did you know the heart beats an average of 80 beats per minute?  Or that laughing is good for your heart? Read about these and other fantastic heart facts here.

Following on from our last post - How does the heart work, we’re sharing some amazing facts about one of our favourite muscles!

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In an average person's lifetime their heart will beat over 3 million times!

Let's do the math. If an average heart beats 80 beats per minute, that makes 4,800 times an hour, 115,200 times a day. That's 42,048,000 times in a year! Multiply that last figure by 80 and you have 3,363,840,000!

Wow your heart really works hard doesn't it!

A heart can continue beating even when disconnected from the body

Another of our great heart facts! As long as the heart has an adequate supply of oxygen, it can keep on beating even if separated form the body thanks to its own electrical impulse.

That's a bit freaky isn't it, kind of makes us think of Frankenstein!


During a lifetime, a heart pumps enough blood to fill 75 olympic swimming pools

The heart is a hard working muscle! Over an average lifetime it will pump nearly 185,000,000 litres or 48,000,000 gallons of blood around the body. And yes, that's enough to fill 75 olympic swimming pools!

Whose heart is the biggest?

An average adult human's heart is about the size of his or hers fist. The smallest heart of any living creature belongs to the fairy fly which is a kind of wasp. The smallest mammal heart belongs to the pygmy shrew and the largest mammal hearts to whales.

Whatever its size, your heart is one of the strongest muscles in your body. It has to be to keep pumping blood around your body all day long. So keep it healthy with exercise and a balanced diet!


Laughing makes for great heart health

When you laugh, the lining of your blood vessels relax and expand. This can send 20 percent more blood flowing through your body.

So as well as helping reduce stress, a good hearty laugh is great for heart health!

If like us you're feeling amazed at how great your heart is, perhaps you'd like to know more about how to take care of it. Check out these great tips :

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