Our app Inside the Human Body goes live on the google play store in Canada this week. To mark the occasion we decided to tell you a little bit more about how and why we developed an educational app about the human body. And why we think our app is a fantastic learning resource for kids everywhere!

Why the Human Body?

Kids are fascinated by their bodies and have a lot of questions about them. We've experienced that first hand as parents and educators. Where does food go? What's blood? Why do we have to breathe?

We thought, wouldn't it be great to be able to take a look inside and see what's going on! And while books and films are amazing resources we felt an app could take thins a step further. Let us tell you how we've done just that with Inside the Human Body

Inside the Human Body's Secret Weapon

Yes, our app has a secret weapon. We feel it does something other human body app don't.

When we began developing our app we were passionate about building something that would allow kids to experiment. We believe that seeing is not always enough. In fact we would argue that you learn and retain information better by being hands on.

"students who physically experience difficult science concepts learn them better, perform better in class and on quizzes the next day, and the effect seems to play out weeks later, as well" (Learning by doing UChicago)

How can an app about the human body be hands on?

To enable children to explore and experiment with some of the processes inside the human body for themselves we came up with a plan. We devised a series of scenes in which kids can take charge and try to run some of the body's most important functions.

To give you a few examples, kids can:

  • Have a go at making a muscle move
  • Try to get blood cells circulating through the heart and lungs
  • See if they can work out how to digest food

In our app, kid's don't just tap on the screen and sit back to watch the scene unfold. They have to work out what to do to make things happen. Without their intervention nothing will go how it should.

Why is experience so important?

We believe Inside the Human Body's interactive and experiential approach allows students to experiment through trial and error and to learn from their mistakes. Because our app requires children to actively participate, to do something we believe they'll gain a better understanding of the material.

Our app stands in the long tradition of experiential learning:

"Experiential Learning has been around since 350 BCE, when Aristotle wrote, 'for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them'." (Think Fun - The Importance of hands-on learning)

The principal idea is that we learn best by trying things out for ourselves. In our app that's just what kids get to do!

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