Here at Making Sense Games we are very excited to reveal our brand new logo.

Making Sense Games Logo

Why the Lightbulb?

We all know the power of a great logo. Easy to recognise and embodying the company's goals and values, it says a lot about a company. We chose a lightbulb to represent those times when you suddenly get something. When the connections in your brain slip into place. When what didn't make sense before suddenly does. Like when Archimedes suddenly shouted out Eureka! We like to call them lightbulb moments.

Why Making Sense Games?

One of our primary goals is to help children make connections. Connections are made when we gain experience and observe cause and effect. As we gain concrete experiences our brains make patterns which make it easier to piece together new pieces of data.

We see our interactive educational apps as a piece in the chain of experiences children can have that helps them make sense of the world we live in. Hence Making Sense Games!

In Practice : Inside the Human Body

In our first app, Inside the Human Body, you journey behind the scenes of the human body. More than that you actively influence what's going on inside and observe the results. Through experimentation you can find the answers to many questions about how things work inside our bodies.

Your active participation is a key factor in making this a concrete experience where cause and effect are likely to lead to pattern building. These patterns will contribute to a better understanding of how things work.

It's important to process new data in new ways and keep forming new patterns. We believe an educational app is a powerful tool in any student's learning armory.

Making Sense Games Vision

Our vision is that the educational apps we make here at Making Sense Games will help our users have lightbulb moments. Through interactive play our apps will invite players to take their own journeys and make their own discoveries.

We believe that our natural curiosity is one of our greatest learning attributes. It guides us to ask questions and seek out answers. To design experiments and make discoveries. We make apps whose starting point is always the real questions children ask.

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