Today we are launching our app Inside the Human Body worldwide on the google play store. We’d like to take the opportunity to tell you more about why Inside the Human Body is a great learning app for kids!

Brings to life the Human Body Experience

 In a New York Times article on choosing apps for your kids, Christine Elgersma, senior editor of parent education at Common Sense Media, says that great educational apps should : 


“bring to life an experience that’s impossible to create 



 Of course we can’t really get inside our own bodies and take them over. We can’t even take a tour like Dennis Quaid in Innerspace! But with Inside the Human Body’s fully interactive scenes and amazingly realistic artwork you can get pretty close. 

Better than watching a video or reading a book

 Inside the Human Body is a really active learning experience. It’s not just scenes to watch or information to read, it’s a puzzle to solve. This active approach is inline with current thinking on what makes an app educational rather than just entertaining.

 With children’s questions at its heart our app encourages kid’s to think, to ask more questions, make connections and draw conclusions. Can they figure out how to get muscles moving or the digestive system working? 

 Throughout play, kids assimilate the information they’ll need to solve the problems they face. This keeps their minds engaged and helps them practice using information as well as trial and error to get results. Read more about this here – How Inside the Human Body works.

Clear Learning Goals 

 Inside the Human Body is focused on kids exploring the body and in the process answering some of the many questions they have about it. The learning process evolves inside a clearly defined world. It’s easy for children to make 

connections with the real world and any other learning they might be doing about bodies.

 Our app would be a wonderful addition to any learning curriculum on the human body. Think of it as a virtual lab! It’s one thing to know that blood cells need to move through the heart’s different chambers. It’s completely different trying to make that happen!

 With our app, kids can work their way through some of the concepts they’re learning about in books or the classroom. See our Top Tips for playing Inside the Human Body with Kids for more ideas about incorporating the game into your learning process. 

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