As you can imagine, working on our educational app for children, Inside the Human Body, we've seen a lot of the very best books on the subject. We've picked out our favourites, the most fun and educational, and made this list of the very best books on the human body for kids for you.

The Utterly Amazing Human Body

by Richard Walker (consultant Professeur Robert Winston), DK Books

We love this book. It's packed full of simple yet elegant illustrations and models as well as photographs of the body including close up views of things like skin and head lice. And then there's all the amazing facts, funny questions and a particular favourite, the Do Try This At Home sections. Just like our app it helps your kids look under the surface.

Best for : everyone, little and old alike we all love it.

Questions and Answers about your Body (Lift the Flaps)

by Katie Daynes, Usborne Books

Usborne books are always great and this one is no disappointment. The images are easy to understand and the flaps make this great fun for smaller hands. However, the books genius in our opinion is how it's structured around the kinds of questions children ask about the human body. Things like When can I grow a beard? Where does blood come from? How do my ears hear? Why do I need to breathe and what's my body made of? It's a treasure trove of answers that will please children of all ages.pleases both our youngest (5) and our older children. These were just the kinds of questions that inspired us to make a human body app so you can imagine how much we love this book.

Best for : curious children with lots of health and body questions

The Way We Work: Getting to Know the Amazing Human Body

by David Macaulay, HMH Books

This is a brilliant book for older children who want a little bit more detail. Macaulay's vivid artwork and entertaining analogies are extremely effective in explaining the inner mechanics of our bodies. Unsurprisingly the book has enjoyed phenomenal global success and spent fifty weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. It really is a must have on any very best books on the human body for kids list.

Best for : 7 and upwards

First Human Body Encyclopedia

DK Books

We love encyclopedias. We might even confess to having spent a lot of time with them when we were kids. This is a perfect example of how wonderful modern children's encyclopedias are. With absolutely amazing photography and great layout it really keeps kids interested. It's also got plenty of hands on suggestions you can try out at home to learn more. We love to have this kind of book on hand as a go-to source of information whenever we're feeling curious.

Best for : researching homework, general body book

Weird but true! Human Body

National Geographic Books

This compendium of human body facts is a fun addition to any collection. Kids love discovering weird and wonderful things about the world and this book is perfect for that. Some of the facts are very scientific like how many hairs there are in a human eyebrow (600), others are impressive - the human nose can smell more odours than there are people on earth! Others are a bit silly like the Ear Pulling competition cited but kids will absolutely love those ones! Our educational app also features hundreds of fascinating facts for you to enjoy while you look inside the human body and discover how it works.

Best for : kids who love facts, remembering science is fun and funny

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