It's not always easy to decide if an app is for you or not. That's why we decided to try and answer the question Who is Inside the Human Body for? Let us help you see what our app can do for you and the children in your life.

Our educational app Inside the Human Body is a playful, experiential game. Aimed at children aged 8 and upwards it's great for playing alone or together. Packed with fun facts as well as detailed and attractive artwork we've done everything possible to make science fun!

Playing at Home

Inside the Human Body is the ideal tool for the curious and playful child who'd like to understand more about how their body works.

It's emphasis on trial and error means it encourages your child to adopt the scientific method:

  • observe
  • hypothesize
  • experiment
  • draw conclusions

Playing Together

Because Inside the Human Body is based on learning through trial and error there's plenty of opportunities for everyone to have a go. Some children may like to talk through their ideas first or even research them. Others will want to plunge in and learn purely by doing. Whichever approach show them you're not afraid to have a go too. You may just learn something!

Playing in the Classroom

Inside the Human Body is perfect for using in the classroom. A hands on experiment on the inside of a body is not on the cards so why not give them the next best thing!

Our app enables kids to fully comprehend the complex processes at work inside their bodies by letting them have a go at keeping them running themselves.

  • Can they move blood cells from the heart to the lungs and dump the carbon dioxide?
  • How about getting glucose from the arteries to the muscles and working out how to make it release its energy?
  • Will they know just what's required to break down food?

Inside the Human Body brings the world underneath our skin to life with its unique hands on approach.

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