Inside the Human Body is an educational app that promotes curiosity, discovery and the scientific method. Find out how Inside the Human Body works with three core scientific ideas to take children on a voyage of discovery.


Our app encourages children to be scientific. First comes observation.

"Observation is essential in science. Scientists use observation to collect and record data, which enables them to construct and then test hypotheses and theories."  ( Science Learning Hub)

Inside the Human Body is full of beautiful and accurate artwork. These images bring the body's interior to life. Children can experience human anatomy and internal organs in engaging and realistic scenes.

Animation takes this a step further. Kids can see blood cells circulating round the heart and lungs. Or follow food as it passes through the digestive system. And watch chemical reactions taking place in the muscles or kidneys.

Observation is one of the fundamental ways how Inside the Human Body works to foster a scientific approach in kids.


There's nothing better than having a go yourself. We don't learn to walk or talk from a manual. In fact, we master these skills by observing others using them. Then we have a go ourselves.

"While children test and explore, they begin to realize that some experiments will work while others do not.  This is critical to the learning process." (Smart and Snazzy Kids)

Inside the Human Body encourages experimentation. Children become active participants in the body's internal processes.

In several different environments kids face the challenge of discovering for themselves how things work. Through their actions they'll experiment to find the answers to questions like:

  • how does my digestive system break down food?
  • what do my kidneys have to do to purify blood and make pee?
  • what is the energy required to move my muscles made from?

Some apps leave kids at the level of observers. Others give them some agency by enabling them to initiate processes and then see what happens. Our app goes a step further.

Active participation through problem solving is how Inside the Human Body works to give kids a chance to find their own answers.

Our app doesn't tell kids what to do or give them all the answers. Instead it gives them the space to find out for themselves.


Peppered with fun facts our app makes learning about your body fun. Kids gather information and solve problems through trial and error. In so doing they discover how the body really works.

This sort of active learning develops problem solving abilities and possibly more. Recent research suggests that,

"trial-and-error strategies and life experiences can stimulate a human's intellectual growth" (Psychology Today)

That's right, trying things out for yourself can help make your brain grow better and smarter!

Inside the Human Body allows kids to draw their own conclusions based on what worked and what didn't.


To find out more about how to get the most out of Inside the Human Body with kids, check out this page.