In our game Inside the Human Body, you are in charge of the human body! Settle into the driver’s seat and see if you can make sure the right things happen so that everything continues to function normally. Play with blood cells, salt and sugars. Try to move things around your veins and arteries. Through experimentation come to understand the complicated processes going on underneath the skin. Take a deep breath and see if you can stay on top of all the information and help your body to do its job.


Inside the human body is an intricate network of interacting systems. Each one works in coordination with the others. With our educational app you can journey into this fascinating world and see the complex chain of cause and effect in process. Take a peek inside your muscles, heart, lungs, kidneys and intestines and see how they work together to keep you healthy, energised, moving, eating and breathing.


Ever wondered where your food goes? Chew on a piece of broccoli and see what happens. Or have you wondered how we make pee? Why not try to make some yourself. Can you find out how your body does it? How about working out the right chemical reaction to get your knee moving? Our brain controls everything that goes on inside our bodies. Try to do as good a job and balance all the different variables.

Discover Inside the Human Body


How would you like to see inside the human body? With our educational app for kids you can go behind the scenes of this extraordinarily well oiled machine. Get up close and personal with the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, the muscles and the digestive system. With its beautiful and accurate artwork our game let’s you take a tour of the world inside and find out for yourself how things work.